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Dr.Anoof's Rheuma Care Calicut Kerala
Dr. Anoof's

Rheuma Care

Dr Anoof’s Rheuma Care clinic provides all kinds of auto- immune/ auto inflammatory rheumatic Musculo-skeletal disorders. It is the largest standalone clinic in this field in northern Kerala. The clinic is linked with latest technology, talent and expertise of eminent doctors and provides extensive, elaborate and most advanced treatment for rheumatic disease with utmost sincerity and dedication.

The clinic is conceived by the eminent, senior Rheumatologist Dr Anoof, having expertise in diagnosis and management of auto-immune and inflammatory rheumatic Musculo-skeletal diseasesdiseases,non-inflammatory degenerative joint diseases, soft tissue rheumatic diseases, metabolic bone disorders and children with inflammatory rheumatic Musculo-skeletal disorders. The clinic also provides an advanced immune-diagnostic laboratory, and pharmacy.

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Rheuma Care

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Rheumatology, which deals with the disorders of joints and their supporting tissues, is one of the fastest advancing disciplines of medicine. These diseases are amongst the commonest cause for disability in the community.